We offer a range of products and finishes for all applications. From decorative to utility, we have something for every need and taste. Our coatings specialists can inform you on what products and finishes are appropriate for your floor in a hassle-free consultation. See below for more information! Common applications include, but are not limited to:


Polyurea really shines in a garage setting. The fast cure time and flexible nature of this durable product make it the perfect option for your daily-use garage floor. The total downtime for this project rarely exceeds 2 days, which means storing your belongings during the installation and curing process is as painless as possible! An expertly installed polyurea floor is expected to last a lifetime and does not chip and peel like outdated epoxy systems. Just because they look the same does not mean they function the same! Your garage floor is the most abused surface of your home, and you NEED the best to ensure your investment doesn’t fail!

We can help you build your dream space with custom color blends and logos.


We offer a range of finishes for basement floors to suit every taste. Polymer floor coatings are an excellent solution for damp basements or ones that suffer from occasional flooding. Our coatings adhere directly to the concrete surface and cannot accumulate moisture or mildews underneath, a problem that plagues carpet and vinyl tiles/planks. If flooding occurs, NO PROBLEM! Simply push the water to a nearby drain or remove it through other means. Our surfaces will resist water damage and clean up like new!

We offer a moisture sealing service for problem floors that will protect your new coating from delamination caused by hydrostatic pressure. Our experts have the tools and experience to make sure your coating does not fail prematurely and our meticulous install process ensures a Precision Perfect finish every time!


From high quality epoxy to long lasting polyurea, we’ve got you covered for your commercial and industrial needs. Our coatings are durable, sanitary, and great looking, so you don’t need to compromise to enjoy the benefits of each. Your customers will be happy with the look, and your employees will be happy with the slip resistant surface and easy clean up. Productivity and safety are essential in any business, and your floor is quite literally the foundation of your workforce. Retail, kitchens, medical, warehouses, showrooms, offices, the applications are endless. If it’s concrete, we can coat it.

Our durable finishes and expert installation techniques are an investment your business can’t afford to be without. Contact us today to learn what sets us apart!