Our floors clean up very easily compared to bare concrete. The clear coat we use is non-porous and chemical resistant. For simple messes, water is sufficient. A thick-bristle broom or pole brush does a great job of getting any dirt hiding in the low points of the slip resistant texture. If a soap is needed, start with a milder option such as Simple Green, diluted Dawn dish detergent, or similar surfactant. Be sure to rinse well to avoid a slick surface! For tough greasy messes like old engine grime, a general or automotive degreaser may be used. We recommend testing it in an inconspicuous spot first to make sure there are no chemicals that could react with the clear coat. For rust stains or water marks, we recommend CLR or equivalent rust remover to dissolve the stain. 

As a general rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t use it on your car then don’t use it on our floors. This includes abrasives and harsh concentrated bleaches. 

Polymer floor coatings are an excellent solution for basements or areas prone to occasional flooding. Our coatings adhere directly to the concrete surface and cannot accumulate moisture or mildews underneath, a problem that plaques carpet and vinyl tiles/planks. If flooding occurs, NO PROBLEM! Simply push the water to a nearby drain or remove it through other means. Our surfaces will resist water damage and clean up like new!