From high quality epoxy to long lasting polyurea, we’ve got you covered for your commercial and industrial needs. Our coatings are durable, sanitary, and great looking, so you don’t need to compromise to enjoy the benefits of each. Your customers will be happy with the look, and your employees will be happy with the slip resistant surface and easy clean up. Productivity and safety are essential in any business, and your floor is quite literally the foundation of your workforce. Retail, kitchens, medical, warehouses, showrooms, offices, the applications are endless. If it’s concrete, we can coat it.

Our durable finishes and expert installation techniques are an investment your business can’t afford to be without. Contact us today to learn what sets us apart!

Shop Floor

Precision offers epoxy and polyurea shop floor systems that are durable, easy to clean, and long lasting. The shop floor finish is slip resistant to keep your employees safe where fluids may spill. Available in any color for subtlety, high visibility, or brand consistency. The combination of flexible polymers and rugged silica aggregate create a long lasting composite that will take a beating for years to come. We offer epoxy base coats for moisture blocking and economy, as well as high-tech polyurea base coats for temperature fluctuations and maximum longevity.

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Chip System

Decorative and functional, the chip system is the perfect flooring solution for many commercial applications. A contrasty, speckled floor is excellent at hiding dirt and natural wear. The orange-peel texture is also a great balance between slip resistant and easy to clean. This flooring option is seamless and sanitary for medical or laboratory settings. This finish is offered with either a traditional epoxy or high-tech polyurea base coat, each with specific advantages for different applications.

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